Experience Friendly

Powerhouse Gym ensures the perfect environment for a variety of training needs and experiences.

Perfect for the beginners and the seasoned veterans.

No matter your experience, Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym in Torrance is more than equipped to break plateau’s and take you to the next level of you training.

Premium Facility

Wide range of premium equipment all well maintained and cleanly.

Powerhouse Gym Torrance Takes Pride in Equipment and Cleanliness

Powerhouse Gym Torrance prides itself in providing the cleanest gym facility in the South Bay. Our equipment is well maintained and is always kept tidy! Be sure to rack it, or else!

Great Availability

Powerhouse Gym Torrance has a wide range of available hours!

Open When You Need Us

Weekends: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Weekdays: 5:00 am- 11:00 pm

Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym Torrance

Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym is centrally located in Torrance, California. Our new facility features over three times the area of our previous facility and its central location ensures accessibility. Powerhouse Gym takes your health as seriously as you do and provides the best facility to improve your health, or take your training to the next level.
Knowledge 100%
Equipment 100%
Cleanliness 100%
Intensity 100%
Affordability 100%

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Guest Reviews

Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym is like a second home to me. There are all kinds of people: bodybuilders, youth, men, women, and seniors all getting healthier and stronger. I achieve my personal best in this environment and no one hogs the machines like they do at the big chain gyms. And Dave is always willing to offer sound advice…”
Dan G.
This place is the real deal- but you’ll NEVER feel intimidated. Instead, it’s super friendly, and you’ll have no problem getting tips.
Solid no nonsense gym. I came from 24 Hour Fitness and glad I signed up. The owner Dave is extremely friendly and helpful.
James Liu
This is the best gym I have ever been a member of. No nonsense gym, clean, well organized. Dave is an incredible trainer. Besides getting stronger Dave has designed a program that has helped my knee issues significantly.
Dan Galorath
We live in Redondo Beach and this is the best gym with the most amazing trainers in the area. The gym is pretty hard core and easy to work out in. We joined as a family for a great discount. The equipment is just enough to get the results we need. My son loves this place too.
Diane Rumpson
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